Thermal Imaging

Detection and prevention

Changes in temperature are able to be detected using our high resolution thermal imaging cameras. This allows us to identify problems before they lead to a breakdown and loss of service.

Cable connections
Small power connections

Thermal Imaging surveys can identify poor connections, overloaded circuits, failing components as well as load imbalance.

By utilising trends from multiple surveys the operator can ensure that the equipment, which in so many cases is operating continuously is always in optimum condition and that any fault there may be is detected and repaired before it can cause damage to the system and associated equipment.

Thermal Imaging reduces the risk of plant down time, damage, loss of production and fire risks and this can be managed and demonstrated to the clients insurers.

PS Electrical have carried out thermal imaging surveys on systems ranging from 132KV power transmission systems, 11KV transmission systems, 3 Phase 415V and 240V Single phase systems down to 12V DC systems.

PS Electrical recommend regular thermographic surveys for all of the following types of equipment:

  • Fuse Boards
  • Bus bar Systems
  • Control Panels
  • High Voltage and Medium Voltage Systems
  • HV / LV Switchgear
  • UPS and Battery Systems
  • Motor Control Systems, Electrical Pumps and Motors
  • Rectifiers
  • PFC Equipment
Building thermal losses

When undertaking a Thermal Imaging Survey for a client full risk and method statements are provided prior to any works undertaken. PS Electrical is an ISO 9001 company with all of its service personnel having achieved ECITB National Safety Group Passport.

Thermal Imaging Surveys are carried out without disturbing plant operation and without interference to equipment, making this type of service and invaluable asset in your preventative maintenance program.

Please see typical report available to download here - Click Here to Download PDF

Thermography has become an immensely valuable tool within a predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance programme. The thermal imaging camera is able to clearly identify hot spots within equipment that can, if not intended to, result in catastrophic failure & prolonged production downtime.

The thermal imaging camera is able to detect heat as either a main or by-product of the equipment being scanned. Examples of such equipment are the main electrical distribution circuits and its associated switch rooms and power transformers, short circuit protection devices, bus bars, cables and control panels. Other equipment such as furnaces & boilers including refractory linings can also be considered worthwhile.

Costs vary depending upon the nature of the site involved, but all costs include the services of our engineer for the duration of the survey and a detailed report of findings. (Which can be issued on CD and/or Hardcopy if requested).