Replacement Trip Units

We supply, worldwide and from stock, replacement trip units for Schneider / Merlin Gerin Masterpact and Moeller breakers as well as for ABB, Terasaki and Mitsubishi breakers.

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Amp-Safe-Pro (dual Hz frequency*)

The Amp-Safe-Pro is a direct replacement trip unit for the STR trip units on the Schneider / Merlin Gerin Masterpact M, MP, IEC, UL and Square D breakers, and the Moeller IZM (which is identical to the Masterpact M).

The Amp-Safe-Pro does not use rating plugs and is user programmable to replace any versions of the STR 18M, 28D, 38S, 58U. It has the same protective functions, settings and time-current-curves as the original STR units, over current, instantaneous over current and ground fault.

The Amp-Safe-Pro Plus is identical to the Amp-Safe-Pro, with the additional feature of wireless or wired RS485 communications.

We can pre-configure your new Amp-Safe-Pro unit for you, to make it ready to install upon worldwide delivery. Please watch this video or call us now.

*PLEASE NOTE Since April 2015, the Amp-Safe-Pro has also been available as a fixed, 60Hz unit. We can supply this trip unit (indicated by a red facia), but this is only suited to countries which use a 60Hz system and will not function correctly if used within a 50Hz system. Our standard (green facia) Amp Safe Pro is dual frequency and UL/CE approved. It is specifically produced to operate in the United Kingdom and Europe but is suitable for worldwide service. Both the fixed and duo frequency models come with a two year warranty.

Micrologic Protection Unit

The standard control unit for all Masterpact NT/NW breakers, Micrologic control units offer direct access to system information. The ability to store information and to record events thus ensures increased productivity in terms of energy distribution management.

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