Replacement Breaker Coils

We supply, worldwide and from stock, replacement breaker coils for Schneider / Merlin Gerin Masterpact and Moeller breakers as well as for ABB, Terasaki and Mitsubishi breakers.

Please call for a price.
01299 251758

IMPORTANT NOTICE: BEWARE UNWARRANTED COUNTERFEIT COILS Our coils are brand new, fully guaranteed and fully compliant with all Schneider requirements. We are aware of an increasing number of counterfeit coils in circulation. These have not been manufactured by Schneider and their use will invalidate the warranty of any Schneider equipment used with them. The copies are very convincing to look at, but not in performance. The giveaway tends to be the price: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Opening and Closing Coils

Uniquely, we can supply new replacement INDIVIDUAL coils for Masterpact M / Square D / Moeller IZM breakers, which include our patented conversion clip and thus extend the working life of these breaker models, despite the fact that Schneider Electric no longer supports them.

To see how easy it is to install our unique patented replacement coils for Masterpact M and Moeller IZM breakers, please watch this short video.

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